Social Voracity works with you to build your online presence unlike any other company.




We offer social media management for high profile celebrities as well as personal pages for individuals just starting out on the social media scene. We work with each client to brand themselves according to their values and career goals. 



If you're a small business looking to reach new clients and increase revenue, or an established company wanting to reach a larger more directed demographic, Social Voracity can help to brand your business and share your unique value with the world.

Social media is for everyone.

Online, every person is a celebrity, and every business can be seen and heard; their products used by millions. It’s important to build a community of people that can vouch for you, your business and your brand. Once a community is in place the sky is the limit. Whether you’re a celebrity, athlete or business mogul, the support of your followers creates a stronger value for your product, and your impact will be greater. Your unique and potent voice can be heard. 

Why Is Social Media Important? 

The impact of social media is extensive.

In 2012 the average person spent 3 hours and 7 minutes on the Internet a day. That’s an average of 47 days spent out of the year staring at your phone or computer screen, browsing the web. With the rise of Twitter and Facebook, the effects are tremendous. People are interacting in a way that they never have before, bridging the generation gap and connecting strangers across the globe. Social Media has become the hottest and best way to market yourself and your business. 

What I Will Do For You

Social Voracity is responsible for set-up and daily posts/tweets to all applicable social media outlets. We will influence user behavior across new media channels, analyzing fan/user conversations and advising client as needed. Additional duties include developing content for posting on all designated social media outlets, monitoring online presence, perceptions, researching new blogs and channels for relevance, trend identification, reporting “chatter” and other relevant online data, and maintaining posting schedules. Most importantly, Social Voracity is responsible for creating an online presence for you or your business in a positive and fun way by using social media platforms for online publicity and interaction. 

How Is Social Voracity Different?

With so many social media services out there, how do you know which one to choose? Here at Social Voracity, we use personal questionnaires with each client to elicit what their vision and goals are. We guarantee that each post we make will be tailored to your needs and wants. We offer consistent one-on-one sessions with our clients to maintain a relationship, giving a personal experience unlike other companies. After our initial meeting, we also work with our clients to give them a personalized social media strategy. Unlike other social media companies, we create and find content for you, eliminating stress from our client’s lives, and bringing their social media platforms to life. 

Social Media Platforms & Services


  • Set up daily tweets

  • Re-tweet Influencers

  • Generate content

  • Manage followers

  • Increase followers

  • Maintain general look and feel of account

  • Moderate Twitter feed for any unwanted spam or negative comments

  • Interact with followers to increase presence in online community

  • Promote your career and/or business


  • Generate following & content

  • Increase interaction with followers

  • Promote your career and/or business

  • Moderate Facebook feed for any unwanted spam or negative comments


  • Set up daily posts

  • Manage & Increase followers

  • Maintain general look and feel of account

  • Moderate Tumblr feed for any unwanted spam or negative comments

  • Promote your career and/or business

  • Link Tumblr to Twitter and Facebook accounts


  • Post/proof-read submissions

  • Increase flow to blog/website

  • Link most recent content on all social media sites

  • Moderate comments for any unwanted spam or negative comments

  • Help to create content for blog/website
*Instagram, LinkedIn, Vine & Google+ Also Offered Platforms*


  • Teach you or employees how to use social media platforms

  • Advise on look and presence of online platforms

  • Advise company or person on their brand strategy


  • Create Viral Content with provided media

  • Create Q&A’s, music videos, documentaries, short films and more with provided content.

  • Provide consultation and feedback on all types of videos

Social Media Packages

**Please contact for pricing**


Find yourself just as ravenous for social media as us, but don’t have the time to manage it? This package is the one for you! With enough posts a day across 4 media platforms to keep your audience satiated, this package also gives you monthly reports on the growth of your brand through your social media.

  • Custom Strategy

  • 4 Platforms

  • 15 Posts a Day

  • Responses

  • Profile Copywriting

  • Reputation Monitor & Alert

  • Starting Conversations

  • Monthly Reports

  • Audience Building


This package is for someone with more than a little hunger pain. We will provide you with everything you need to make your audience always wanting more. Even better, we will keep your platforms free and clear of all unwanted vegetables, and start conversation to build your audience.

  • Custom Strategy

  • 3 Platforms

  • 10 Posts a Day

  • Responses

  • Profile Copywriting

  • Reputation Monitor & Alert

  • Starting Conversations

  • Audience Building


If you’re just hungry for social media this is the plan for you. This package will provide you with the basic social media support that you’ll need. This will free-up your time and engage your audience in a smart, fun and effective way. So much so, we guarantee they’ll be coming back for seconds!

  • Custom Strategy

  • 2 Platforms

  • 5 Posts a Day

  • Responses

  • Profile Copywriting


***Set-up Fees & Hosting Fees For New Platforms Not Included***

**Rates Available for Special Events & Custom Packages** 

CONSULTING ($150.00/hour):

Do you need help learning how to operate social media? Or maybe you just need to know how to set-up your Twitter account. Then consulting is for you. We can teach you or your staff how to use and optimize social media platforms, or give feedback and advice on video content and social media strategies as well as websites and blogging. 

Blogging or Ghostwriting


Do you need a blogger or a ghostwriter? Let Social Voracity do it for you! We will help you create original content to post to your blogs and social media platforms. With years of experience as a writer for all topics, we will create whatever it is you need to keep your readers engaged.

What They're Saying

"I love working with Kayla! I know I can count on her to be on the ball and get things done quickly and efficiently. Even more importantly she cares about her clients and is a lot of fun to work with!"

- Aliyah O’Brien, Actress

"As a filmmaker, I have met a lot of editors. Kayla is one of the few who intuitively gets to the heart of the matter and understands how stories work as emotional journeys. She will make your commercial, your educational video, or your film a meaningful piece that people can connect with. Priceless."

- Robert W. Gray Associate Professor, Film & Creative Writing

"Kayla has both managed my social media accounts and edited my videos. She has a great understanding of how to find an audience and engage people in what you’re doing. She was very good at finding content on the web that related to my project, and both my twitter following and number of YouTube subscriptions increased. On the video editing side, she knows how to give a project the touch that you’re looking for. I asked for a “fun edit,” and that’s exactly what she gave me. I’m very happy with the final product and plan to work with her more!" 

- Tegan Woo, Owner of Amoda Tea

"Kayla was extremely helpful in giving me the lay of the land in terms of social media, specifically with twitter. She helped me set it up technically and most importantly explained the nature of twitter's conversational forum and how its social courtship and relationship dynamics translated from the personal into the cyber world. She was adept at tuning into what exactly needed to be done and very efficient about realizing it."

- Noel Johansen, Actor

“As a business owner, making the decision to outsource work can be a scary one. There is nothing more important when hiring someone to represent your brand than finding a person who is consistently professional, completely reliable, and most importantly, delivers exactly what is promised. In Kayla Gross, you get all that and more. Kayla is a true professional who takes pride in her work and the relationships she builds with her customers. It is comforting to know that when using Kayla, you can trust that the work she produces will be done right and be on time. She is money well spent!”

- MJ Dougherty, Actor & Author

Sample Work

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