Founded by Kayla Grosse in May 2013,  Social Voracity is a unique social media company that focuses on showcasing a clients values through ethical content and critical thinking.

Our Mission

To give clients high-quality, ethical social media management by working together to create and express their highest values in the world through social networks and media content. 

Founder & Owner

Credit: Megan Mumford

Credit: Megan Mumford

Kayla Grosse

While watching “Lord of the Rings” in high school, Kayla became fascinated with the filmmaking process, and made the decision to go to film school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

During her 4-year stint at University, Kayla created short films and documentaries. While in her junior year of college, she made the decision to move to Los Angeles to intern at prestigious production companies such as, Disney and Fox Studios.  This propelled her into a whole new word of producing, writing and appreciation for the art of film. 

With her new found skills, she also worked as an entertainment reporter for and Durance Magazine, where she reviewed television shows and interviewed celebrities. This is where Kayla developed her love for social media and ethical journalism. 

Since graduating from film school in 2010, Kayla went on to find a way to combine all her talents into one business. In 2013, Social Voracity was born. It combines her love for media, entertainment, journalism and film. She uses her film and entertainment background to provide her clients with unique and personal social media packages, that allow her clients to speak to their audience and build their brand according to their values and principals. 

Kayla's Experience

  • B.A. in Communication Arts: University of Wisconsin – Madison

  • 11+ years experience working with Social Media

  • 10+ years participating and working with online communities

  • 11+ years experience in customer service

  • 5+ years experience in blog writing & entertainment journalism

  • 7+ years of editing & film experience